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Persian Wedding


Find the dream look for your Sofreh Aghd right here

Sofre Detail
Kale Ghand
Decorative Egg
Paisley Bread
Sofreh Aghd
Almond (Badoom)
Wheat (Gandom)
Rock Candy (Nabat)
Candied Almond
Walnut (Gerdoo)
Sofreh Aghd
Honey (Asal)
Sofreh Aghd
Decorative Eggs
Sofreh Aghd
Candle Holder
Bread and Feta (Noon o Panir)

Sofre Aghd is an ancient persian tradition that is the centerpiece of every persian wedding ceremony. It is a beautifully decorated, symbolic wedding spread, which is placed in front of the bride and groom during the exchange of vows. The spread contains items such as a mirror and two candelabras, bread, heavenly fruit, pastry, rock candy, decorated eggs, almonds and walnuts to symbolize fertility, prosperity and a life filled with sweet love. 


A special thanks to Capture the Moment Photography for the beautiful images displayed here. 

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